Top 50 Ways to End an Online Relationship

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Guys, if your online relationship seems to be giving you more head-work than happiness, or more pain than pleasure, then you may discover that it may be time to call it a day. Now breaking up with someone you met in the real-world is pretty tough, but the majority of you reading this no doubt have some experience of doing this. However when it comes to online dating, how do you actually go about trying to tell someone that you no longer have any interest in her, and that basically you don’t want to stay in touch?

Even though it may create a bit of a challenge, sometimes it has to be done, so here’s my 50 tips to break communication with someone:

1. Thank her for her interest and decline gracefully.

2. Lessen the frequency of your replies.

3. Show no interest and ignore messages.

4. Just say – sorry I am not interested as early as possible.

5. Point out something specific in her profile that doesn’t work for you.

6. Say it as it is – the truth.

7. A well used classic – “let’s just be friends”.

8. “Thanks for your message, I am not available at the moment, good luck with your search”.

9.  Add her to your “Blocked List.”

10. “No thanks, I am not interested.”

11. “You’re not my type.”

12. “Sorry but I am not over my ex yet, I can’t move on. ”

13. “I don’t think we are compatible.”

14. “I’m don’t think this can go any further, but it was nice to meet you.”

15. “Great meeting you, I don’t feel we’re a good match. Hope you find someone more suitable.”

16. “It was good to meet you, but we don’t fit well. Best of luck with your search.”

17. “My schedule is too hectic to meet up, I don’t know if it will be possible, best you move on.”

18. “You seem like a really nice lady, but I don’t think we are suited.”

19. I really enjoyed spending time with you, but I have decided to go back into a relationship with my ex, sorry, I wish you all the best.

20. “Thanks you for your interest, I am humbled by your comments but I am seeing someone else at the moment. I wish you luck finding someone suitable.”

21. “Thank you for your message, I am seeing several people at the moment and couldn’t hold down my job if I see any more.”

22. “I think we have crucial differences. Thanks anyway.”

23. “I have found someone else.”

24. “I am gay.”

25. “Sorry, you are not what I am looking for.”

26. “I’m going to be working away for a while.”

27. “Thank you, but I am no longer interested in online dating.”

28. “I am married.”

29. “You live in LA and I live in Alaska, so I can’t see how it could work, good luck with your search.”

30. “I think this is getting too serious, which is not what I want right now, lets leave it there.”

31. “I’m searching for someone older.”

32. “I’m looking for a younger person.”

33. “Thanks, but no thanks, I wish you all the best.”

34. If you don’t want to hurt their feelings, play the bad guy and say things about yourself they wouldn’t like, such as; “I don’t believe in marriage”, “I dislike children, would never have any”, or “I can’t stand alcohol”.

35. Send them cold fish comments, short one or two word answers.

36. “I’m already in contact with too many people, but thanks for your interest in me.”

37. Change your username.

38. “You are way out of my league, it wouldn’t work sorry.”

39. Decline to meet up.

40. Say “there’s someone at the door”, “the kettles boiling”, “my dogs being sick”,”I have to go…bye.”

41. Say “my computer is crashing all the time”, sorry its difficult to keep in contact.”

42. “Thanks, I’m very flattered but I’m looking for someone more like me.”

43. “Sorry, this is not a good match, good luck anyway!”

44. “I need to focus on my work over the next 6 months, sorry no time for dating”

45. “ I’m sorry, you seem like a really nice person, but I’m not interested.”

46. “Best if we leave it there, I don’t want lead you on.”

47. “No, thanks. I am officially off your market.”

48. “No. If you continue, I will report you to the web site admin.”

49. “ I’m sorry you are too intelligent for me.”

50. “ I’m hairy, fat, ugly and smell like a drain…you can do better.”

Creator Tips:

Never go backwards, since every form of breakup is an opportunity to move forward.

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