Positive Profiles = Positive Results

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Positive Profiles Get Results

Negative vibes are for the weak

Are you emotionally stable? Have you really gotten over your last relationship and moved on? Are you being honest with yourself? Do you constantly talk about your ex with friends? If you are not in a good place emotionally and prepared to give a relationship your all, it’s probably best to hold off on any online dating search. It will ultimately fail.

As they say, you must love yourself before you can love someone else. Yes, a cliché, but a very true one.
If you are not in a good emotional place, online dating is something you should put off.

If you feel vulnerable or a bit scarred from your past relationship, you will find online dating a brutal place where people can instantly block you from emails or be a bit ruder than they might be in a face to face confrontation. Try to come back to it when you are stronger as you will only be frustrated and hurt. There will be some rejection and e-rejection can be a bit harsh at times.

Never inject negativity and NEVER use it as an opening line such as:

“I don’t like the impersonal nature of computers”
“I hate going to bars.”
“Are there any good girls left?”
“I hate fake. I don’t want fake hair, fake nails etc.”
“I can’t stand women who take life too seriously.”

Starting anything off on with a negative tone, puts women off. It signals that you are intrinsically a negative person with a negative view of the world. No one wants to spend their time with someone who is always complaining. Leave the baggage in the closet. Focus on what you do want rather than on all of the things that you hate.

Don’t be too negative about your demands either because it could make you look shallow and spoiled. Even though you may have a certain ‘type’, you should try to minimize these demands. You may even find that what your type is has changed and developed over time.

You may be in a position to try something that you never have before. Even though it’s important to convey what you desire, there is a delicate way to do so such as:

“If you aren’t slender, we will not be a match”,

“Me: Athletic, trim and in shape.
You: Pretty much the same”

If you find that your writing is too negative, you may want to re-examine whether or not you are ready to date online in the first place. Your negativity may mean that you are weighed down with experiences from the past and are ready to give 100% to a new relationship. Be honest with yourself or your just wasting your time.

Insert Humor Here

Let’s face it. Everyone likes to laugh. Laughter is even known for the promotion of those feel-good endorphins – just what you want when someone is reading your profile.

Perhaps you have a funny story to tell. Perhaps you have an interesting and humorous take on life. The art of humor is something that just about everyone can appreciate so use it to your advantage. And if you are not sure that it works, remember to grab that trusted friend and run it by him or her.

Presenting yourself in a genuine way while injecting humor in your portfolio is not always an easy thing. Many guys forget that communication when you are writing is very different than face to face. When you are sitting across from someone at a table you have the advantage of explaining things in greater detail instantaneously. You can’t do that writing a profile. That’s why it is so important to do several drafts and carefully edit your material.

Is the joke really funny? Does it lack taste? Who might it offend? All of these things should be taken into consideration when using humor.

Remember: there is nothing like being able to make someone laugh. It releases endorphins and can be a real aphrodisiac. Humor also makes a lasting impression and women tend to remember you.

I can speak from personal experience when I say that humor can be a very effective way of attracting women and encouraging responses. This doesn’t mean that you have to run around being a buffoon or a court jester, but it’s a good way to break the ice. Some even look at humor as an indication of intelligence.

It also signals that you don’t take life or yourself so seriously that you can’t stop and have a little fun. If you don’t have a funny personal story to tell, perhaps you know a funny joke. Maybe you saw something funny on television that reminds you of a time. Whatever you choose to use, make it tasteful. Women tend to be turned off by slaps on people’s religions, ethnicity, or weight. Steer clear of any of these.

If you don’t think that humor comes naturally for you, try it with a trusted close friend. They will let you know if you have a dead fish or a dead ringer. The most important thing, as always, is to be yourself. You don’t want to copy a bunch of jokes from a comedian and have your date expecting to meet someone who will have them in stitches all night. Be yourself.

Following are a few examples of creative uses of humor in profiles:

“40-year old male, well-oiled and maintained, excellent condition,1st to see will buy”

”Bought a book on how to improve my memory…can’t remember where I put it”

“Looking for someone to change my light bulbs, must be over 6’2”

Using tasteful humor more often than not has great results. You don’t need to inject a one-liner in every paragraph. A profile just needs to be delicately seasoned with humor, stirred with a bit of honesty, and simmered to a moderate heat, to make readers hungry for more.

Creator’s Tip:
Positivity is contagious so if you want to attract positive people in your life, minimize complaining, whining and negativity and focus on the positive. Someone who exudes joy and happiness is someone that women want to be around and spend time with. You want that to be you. Right?

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