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Dating Message Templates

For me personally I truly love this online game of Internet dating for far more reasons than I can write within this blog.  The opportunity to meet so many fantastic women from around the globe is absolutely mind-blowing. Yes I’ve learned over the years there’s an art which needs to be mastered in order to be really good at this cybergame. In my earliest days the biggest stumbling block I encountered was always; “…Arrgh what the heck do I say!” to women in my emails.

One of the first things I noticed (and you probably too) that when you go online there’s absolutely hundreds of women you would love to contact.

With a long list of women that seemed interesting, I quickly realised that I needed an efficient and effective process of contacting them all, otherwise I was going to spend a lot of time writing custom e-mails to each woman — and that was a big No No.

Since it’s a bit of a numbers game, once you start writing to a lot of ladies, you will be sending out a lot of e-mails and you will quickly face the following challenges:

  • Having to customize a basic letter for each woman based on her profile

  • Keeping a record of when you sent it and what you said in the letter

  • Tracking the response, or lack of response, so you don’t e-mail them again and again

Even though each lady you send an e-mail to is unique and her profile has specific interests, you will want to mention the basic “hello” message you send for the first e-mail. This will be will be pretty much the same for most. It’s a letter that says “Hey, I’m interested in getting to know you!”

To avoid having to retype your messages for every dating prospect you can make up templates for a variety of situations. The templates will contain the same basic component themes for that stage of the ‘making contact’ process. I find that templates saved me time, reduced grammar typo errors, and kept my conversations logical but intriguing enough to evoke a response. By initially spending some extra effort with developing your templates the first time around, it actually paid-off ‘big time’ in the long run.

There are many reasons and advantages for developing good repeatable email template letters, such as:

1. Time Saving – You don’t have to write a new letter each time you e-mail someone.

2. Memory – No need to think about what to say every time you write – do it once and bring out the master template on further occasions.

3. Improved Organisation – You can organize a series of letters by subject.

4. To Trial Effectiveness – by customising and making different template variations for individual dates you can see what works best and adjust accordingly.

5. Saves you errors. Misspelled words or use of bad grammar will be eliminated.

6. Keeps the conversation focused – Reduces the need to discuss any details of yourself to someone who you may decided are not worthy.

Examples of template letter themes are:

“I’d like to learn more about you.”

“I love your profile and I’m wondering if you have a picture you can send me?”

“If you aren’t a paid member who can e-mail, just wink at me, and I’ll send an e-mail suggesting ways to contact each other.”

“I think we have so much in common – check out my profile and see if you agree!”

Creator’s Tip:
It’s entirely possible to write and send e-mails directly from the mail feature within the online dating service. But it’s always better to write your e-mails in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. This will help with spelling and grammar. Once you write your e-mail in Word, you can easily copy and paste it into the e-mail feature of the online dating service.

The spelling and grammar checks are important features to take advantage of – you’ll be a step ahead of most of your fellow daters, if you just spell correctly.

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