Online Dating Mastery – Your 5 Week Boot Camp

Thanks for signing up for The Creators Online Dating Mastery –  The Premium 5 Week Online Dating Boot Camp.

After signing up for the course you will have access to Week 1 immediately. Then links to each weeks training materials will become available every 7 days.

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Your full program is as follows:

Program Detail Files Available Modules
Week 1 – “Welcome to the Exciting World of Online Dating” Volume 1 plus Bonus
Week 2 – Preparation – “How to Organize Your Mindset for Success” Volume 2 plus Bonus
Week 3 – The Shop Window – “How to Create POW in Your Online Profile Volume 3 plus Bonus
Week 4 – Communication – “How to Get Them Hooked and Retain Attention” Volume 4 plus Bonus
Week 5 – Final Stage – “Heading for and Succeeding in The Real World” Volume 5 plus Bonus plus Master Checksheets