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Online Dating Messages

Depending on the dating service you have chosen, there are various ways you can initiate contact or be contacted. Internet dating websites are constantly updating their look and adding new features.

Here are the typical methods available through modern dating sites:

    • Send a Wink or Tease

    • Send a Card

    • Standard questions (generated by website)

    • Instant Message, Live Chat

    • Audio / Video message

    • Send an Email via the dating website

    • Send an Email via your Personal Account

    • Text Message

    • Telephone

    • Letters

    • Actual Face to face meet

Oh yea… so many to choose from, so where do we go first?

To let someone know you are interested, the majority of dating sites have a flirty option which allows you to express your interest without having to actually message her. Even though this feature will allow you to be coy and indicate interest, it does not require you to put yourself on the line to reveal or say anything about yourself.

In my opinion, this is really a lame way for a guy to approach a women on dating site and it’s certainly not as effective as contacting them directly through the online dating website e-mail. By sending a wink it’s really saying…“Hi, I’m interested, kinda…but I’m going to chill whilst you do all the legwork.”

The majority of women online will simply ignore your ‘teasing’ offer because they simply know that its taken you absolutely zero effort.

You’ve been warned!

The best way to engage is to write her an e-mail that will arouse the respondent’s interest and make her want to contact you to learn more.

Your first email serves as your “pick-up” line with the added benefit that you can design this e-mail based on information that is given to you in their profile.

Remember guys this isn’t a covering letter for a job application — no need to be formal.

Women get absolutely bombarded with messages on a daily basis, and there’s a small likelyhood of them spending more than a couple of nano-seconds on your masterpiece before quickly hop skipping and scanning through a myriad of other messages. So what I’m telling you then is…Keep it simple and brief.

Try and keep the exact same tone you’d have if you were meeting her at, say, a party, rather than online. Polite, friendly, but casual. A message that reads:

“Hello, nice to “meet” you, I’m The Creator. I’ve read your profile, and I think you sound nice…”

…is way less engaging than trying to flatter them with opening comments on their physical appearance. The word shallow immediately springs to their minds.

Anyhow pretty girls are hearing how beautiful they are from every unoriginal guy out there in cyber-dating-land. So start with something else, and once you guys have gone back and forth a few times and have met up in person, then yea feel free to drop in a flattering line or two…but not before.

Creator’s Tip:
Initiating contact with a possible suitor can most certainly be intimidating, confusing, and scary at first. Remember though that both men and women like it when someone contacts them first…that’s the whole point…right! So do not hesitate for these reasons; remember that people are online to meet other people.

Be active and approach women who sound interesting to you.

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